6 Jul 2010


Ross Birrell and I are showing work at the Kunsthalle in
Basel in a partner show to the one in Rome, ‘Strange Comfort
(Afforded by the Profession)’ till 22/8/2010. We met some of
the artists we had met in Rome and some new ones. (photograph
of myself with Paul Hendrickse in the Kunsthalle bookshop)
On the Friday we all went to the Mathew Barney opening at
Schaulager. For those who don’t know about this place, it is a
massive gallery and ‘warehouse’, designed by Herzog and Meuron,
of a private foundation and collection of contemporary art that
opened in 2003. The Barney show itself was huge and complex
and there must have been a couple of thousand people at the
opening being watered and fed. I don’t think even Tate Modern
could put on an event of this scale. And Basel has a population of
Bjork was there, of course, but I didn’t suggest we have another
singing session together.

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