Further Reading

Here are some articles and resources that AHM have gathered through their extensive research and wish to share:

  1. Richard Eyre: Arts cuts will result in cultural apartheid
  2. Giles Sutherland
  3. The Final Curtain by Kenneth Roy
  4. Save the arts animation by shrigley
  5. Gerry Hassan - Challenge for Wendy is to put her house in order
  6. MArtin Boyce - Central Station interview
  7. Contemporary Art: Who Cares? A Discussion with Karen te Brake-Baldock by Richard McCoy
  8. Experience in Art Education by Whitney Ford-Terry and Jessica Powers
  9. Arts for everyone is cheap considering its rich returns by Polly Toynbee
  10. UK Culture Secretary fails his screen test by Ruth Wishart
  11. How to pass the sight test by Peter Hill
  12. Art review: Jupiter Artland
  13. Philosophy hasn’t been this newsworthy since Wittgenstein threatened Popper
  14. David Lister: So much was missing from the Culture Secretary's first speech
  15. Visiting artists and Academics Campaign
  16. Points-based visa system alienates visitors to UK
  17. Another World Is Possible by Sarah Lowndes
  18. Open Sea - Gi blog by Martin Vincent
  19. Gi lowdown
  20. Glasgow International art festival: Thirteen hours of performance that explores everything from witchcraft to fashion
  21. Theatre reviews: Darktown Cakewalk/The Party
  22. Punk icon Linder provokes audiences with 13-hour performance
  23. Families’ shock as artwork evokes Lockerbie bombing
  24. 24 Hour Psycho heading back to Glasgow
  25. Free bike plan pits hippies against light-fingered neds
  26. Cream tents, giant peas...and a plan to ‘subvert Kelvingrove’
  27. Joseph Beuys, Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow
  28. Punk icon Linder provokes audiences with 13-hour performance
  29. Glasgow art festival has a sense of history
  30. Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art: Tomorrow’s world today
  31. Fiona Tan finds hope in the faces of Tomorrow
  32. Visual Art With a Theatrical Flair
  33. Turner Prize Nomination for Susan Phillipsz
  34. John Calcutt talks to Michael Stumpf, Karla Black and Mick Peter about living and working in Glasgow's community of artists
  35. Injustice not religion is to blame for the world’s ills’
  36. Joyce McMillan blog
  37. What is Art? article
  38. Artists campaign in Scotland
  39. state-of-the-art-nation-edinburghs-got-talent
  40. state-of-the-art-nation-glasgows-children-of-the-evolution
  41. state of the art nation - to-dundee-and-beyond
  42. State of the Art Conference
  43. Birth pangs as Creative Scotland comes to fruition
  44. art21
  45. Arts of Resistance review
  46. The Great Contemporary Art Bubble Update
  47. Glasgow Sculpture Studios
  48. Living in An Age of Paradoxes. Gerry Hassan
  49. Bland, fanatical, infantile bullies- what I think of the arts elite. By STEPHEN MCGINTY
  50. Unlike the UK, Spain happily invests in the best, says Felipe Fernández-Armesto.
  51. An English professor is on the warpath against the bureaucrats who monitor university teaching. Chris Arnot reports
  52. Turner Prize winner Douglas Gordon's Glasgow townhouse has given Katrina Brown room to grow her vision for contemporary artists, finds Moira Jeffrey
  53. Photographers Felicitas Vogler's will. Ben Nicholson. By Barry Didcock
  54. Britain's creative future is under threat from the admin culture that is wrecking our best schools. Low morale devastates art colleges. By Vanessa Thorpe
  55. The Smithsonian Institution offers the Smithsonaian Institution Libraries lectures, the American Art Museum lectures and Global Sound Live vodcasts
  56. John Locke Lectures. University of Oxford
  57. Chippy, self-satisfied and insular... Sturat Kelly, books editor of Scotland on Sunday, on Scottish writing
  58. everything is connected global warming global terrorism. Tim Parks on Gregory Bateson
  59. praktika workshop creating a critical context for socially engaged practices, Nuno sacrramento, Shadow curator of Claudia Zeiske at Deveron Arts
  60. Even a Bullingdon baronet can struggle in the rarefied air above democracy. Marina Hyde
  61. A London gallery asks a host of artists to bare their souls and share their own philosophies. Andrew Johnson and Ian Johnston report
  62. Wha is going on in the Art School. Interview with Ray McKenzie
  63. Scotland has a plethora of great artists... So why are we not shouting our talents from rooftops... and making a bit of money at the same time? By Ed McCracken
  64. A presentation of the art scene in the 90's by Kari J. Brandtzaeg
  65. From the Booker to the BBC: why our culture is escaping into the past, Tim Adams, The Observer
  66. 'Nightmarish’ £1m hole causes crisis at Botanics, Tom Gordon, Herald
  67. The Money Hole, Tom Gordon, Sunday Herald
  68. Society isn't broken, it's just become self-centred, Christina Patterson, The Independent
  69. BBC Radio 4 - The Today Programme - The Possibilians
  70. David Eagleman
  71. More Than Us Symposium - Conversations Between Humanity, The Arts & Ecology
  72. Unelected Scotland, Scottish Review, Kenneth Roy
  73. £300,000 annual blow to new arts funding body by Phil Miller
  74. Room 13
  76. SOMA, Mexico City
  77. PIESP –Independent Study Program for the arts, Sao Paulo
  78. Cia-Centro, Buenos Aires
  79. Beta Local, Puerto Rico
  80. Power to the People - Democracy in the decade of Google by Alan Rusbridger
  81. Gerry Hassan on Open Democracy
  82. Notes on an art crisis by Adrian Searle
  83. Oliver Burkeman interviews Michael Sandel
  84. Art review: Christine Borland by Sam Ainsley & Roger Wilson