20 Mar 2010

Ranting Sam

Have just listened to the programme between Shirley Manson and Douglas, its not half as bad as everyone has been telling me!! We are "old school" and in my view do not understand the very close relationship between cont. music and art in defining the experience of generations after us; for me music and art were twin interests but not intertwined in the way (and influencing each other) they have been for succeeding generations (See Sarah Lowndes book!)
In any case, in view of the fact that Douglas was hesitant to name his influences apart from his Mother and Father, cinema, books and television here is another question for our conversation in relation to a statement he made in the film' "I want art to be an alibi for people to think about what's really important to them" (ie it should not be about Douglas, the artist, the bringer of that experience)
so the question is what is really important to him??? either within or outside of his artwork?
ps I think Shirley Manson is great! She is intelligent, widely read, writes good songs, hangs out with writers and is a huge influence on the "yoof" of today, there are so many horrendous role models for young people; she is a good one in my view.
And by the way I totally agree with Douglas about reality tv being the opium of the masses and the worst thing to have happened in the UK in the last 20 years...I know the argument is that it is happening in every country but it origniated here and we should fight its effects on every aspect of our culture (dumbing down doesn't even begin to describe it) Ranting Sam

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