1 Oct 2011

Saturday 1st October - big thanks to all involved

We thoroughly enjoyed our 3rd State of Play Symposium, and want say thanks to all those involved:

Thank you to everyone who came to AHM's State of Play symposium at DCA today.

Thanks, of course, to Gerry Hassan, 24 hour football, Jenny Brownrigg, Jean Urquhart, Ross Sinclair for their presentations and Ewan Morrison, Helen Shaddock, Jacob Kerray, Chris Dooks, The Anthropo-scene Evolution Alliance, t s Beall, Yuck n Yum for their artist manifestos.

We also want to express our thanks to all the team at DCA and DJCAD who made the symposium and CentreSpace exhibition possible - Clive Gillman, Alice Black, Katy Brignall, Ian Banks, Sophia Yadong Hao, Laura Simpson, Andrew Dodds and Graham Domke.

Thanks to the DJCAD students who volunteered throughout the day - Joanne Macfadyen for her work with registration and refreshments and Michael Pilkington and Michael Spink for the video and sound documentation.

It was a great day beginning with lots of thought provoking one-minute artist manifestos and followed by 4 great presentations.

Keep checking the AHM blog for photos, comments etc, and please do send AHM your thoughts and comments.

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