4 Oct 2011

Ewan Morrison manifesto

Stop Laundering Blood Money - Stop Making Bloody Art

Art is only as good as the economic system that support it – it has no real meaning beyond that. No matter what critics and art specialists say, the content of art is meaningless when removed from social function. All art means is its context. Art has become a form of investment for extremely wealthy elites. These are people who wreck currencies through speculation; who destroy indigenous industries by outsourcing to third world sweatshops; these are people who pay no taxes and have Swiss bank accounts; these are people who got rich on short selling pension funds and repossessing homes; these are people who got rich on selling lies and crap products to millions of people; these are people who look at your art as what it really is – a thing empty of content, with a price tag – a speculative investment.

Which is why you have to stop making Art.

Or why you have to only sell your labour to people who can afford to pay you for the amount of time you put into it, on a scale comparable to the minimum wage.

You get paid £5.93 an hour.

Take it or leave it.

When you sell an artwork to a global murderer, you become their alibi for murder.

You become an ‘ethical’ money laundering scheme.

We don’t care if you mean well, if you love your art.

We tell you now that you have to take responsibility for the final meaning and resting place of your work, and if it sits in a bank vault or hangs on the wall of a CEO then you are a banker, you’re are a CEO.

Find out who you are selling to.

Follow the links in their business chain to see their connections with banking and weapons manufacture.

Until you do this, you have to stop making art. Or we will destroy the art you make, in the name of true art.

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