8 Oct 2011

Chris Dooks manifesto

The Exhausted Artist reaches the end of the line with healthcare providers causing his already weak rainbow to flicker and dull.

ii. The prism that previously created this rainbow now needs re-calibrating or ‘patching’ with adaptations to repair it or to replace it.

iv. To restore the affected frequencies of this ‘rainbow of exhaustion’ we instigate super-low energy art interventions across three seemingly idiosyncratic hierarchical categories;

1. As as Immediate Triage

2. Art as Perceptual Enhancer


3. Art and Cosmological Portal…

v. We use psychogeography, alpha states, astronomy, broken instruments, bricolage, but in particular art that is made through appropriation, allowing large-scale artworks to be built without budget or physical effort

vi. Accidentally, these processes are of benefit to audiences outside of the M.E./chronic Fatigue Syndrome community

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