6 Aug 2011

Spending on art needs a fresh eye

Spending on art needs a fresh eye

Published on 6 Aug 2011 in The Herald in response to the letter written by AHM and published on 3rd August 2011

I agree with correspondents who take issue with the proposed erection of the Star of Caledonia sculpture to welcome visitors at our frontier with England (Letters, August 3 & 4).

If implemented, this will join the ranks of other monuments to money wasted, which include the thing that resembles a rack of lamb at the A82 roundabout in Balloch (at a cost of £750,000, I believe) and Arria, the monstrous multi-limbed silver mermaid at Cumbernauld.

Like many communities in Scotland, Cumbernauld suffers from many ills, none of which will be solved by the erection of costly conceits such as this. Likewise, Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, with its splendid scenic backdrop, hardly needs the embellishment of a roundabout.

As a designer I am supportive of public artworks (the prefix art being of most significance). In these cost-cutting times it appears that spending priorities are skewed, to say nothing of the artistic preferences of those who commission such works.

Bob Murray,

6 Napier Avenue, Cardross.

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