25 Jul 2011

Ross Sinclair Artist Talk

Ross Sinclair
Artist's Talk
Wednesday 27 July 2011


Empty Shop, Bogie Street, Huntly

Free Admission. All welcome.
Refreshments will be served.

Artist Talk

Huntly's artist in residence, Ross Sinclair, will be giving a talk about himself, his past work and his current project in Huntly, on Wednesday the 27 July 2011 at 7pm, the Empty Shop, Bogie Street, Huntly.

All welcome.

The Real Life Gordon’s in Huntly

Huntly is the ancestral home of the Clan Gordon and the ancient seat of Huntly Castle.

The incredible story of the appearance of the Gordon’s in Huntly at this dynamic period in Scottish history after the Battle of Bannockburn was only the beginning of 500 years of the most extreme drama. For hundreds of years the Earls and Dukes were some of the most powerful men in Scotland, second only to the Kings and their heirs. Their story illuminates power shifts, battles, intrigue, endless castle building and ransacking and (dis)loyalty to the Kings and Queens of the day, death, disinheritance and finally the lack of an heir leading to the passing of the titles with the death of the Last Duchess of Gordon in 1864. That is with the exception the title of Marquis, which remains nearby to this day with Granville Gordon, 13th Marquis of Huntly and Earl of Aboyne.

The history of the Gordon’s in Huntly is inexorably woven in and through the history of Scotland, from the gifting of the lands in the 14th C. by Robert the Bruce to the tragic story of Mary Queen of Scots where the Gordon’s Catholicism meets the Reformation head on. The raising of The Gordon Highlanders in 1794 by the Fourth Duke brought a new international dimension to the story and the Gordon Schools established some 40 years later by Elizabeth, Duchess of Gordon continue to flourish to this day.

Having made works before which reflect on the identity and mythology of the Scots and Scotland this is a fascinating opportunity for me to examine, at close quarters, how this flow of history played out on a local level, which in turn often had National consequences in the turbulent history of this small Nation. (Ross Sinclair)

Ross plan's to work his way into a project that aims to activate and illuminate this incredible story, of which many of the people of Huntly today are often unfamiliar. He is undertaking interviews, working in the studio, making works, meeting many learned folk who are experts in history, local, national and international in order to expand his and our horizons of Huntly and the Gordon’s.

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