14 Nov 2010

Join the AHM Symposia group on Central Station

AHM Symposia group is on Central Station - please join!

One month ago, the first of three symposia organised by AHM (Ainsley Harding Moffat) took place at the Gilmorehill Centre, University of Glasgow.  The aim of the event was to examine where Scotland’s art and culture stands today and to re-engage the radical imagination.

The symposium sold out three days before the event and 186 people turned up to spend a Saturday sharing their views on the State of Play in the arts today.

This group has been established to continue the discussions that began with the initial symposium.

AHM realise that there were many people that would have liked to have attended, but who were unable to. Through this group it will be possible for such people to access symposium material. Over time, there will be plenty of footage (video, photos, text and audio) from the symposium to help stimulate more debate and response.
There will also be information about the forthcoming symposia.

Please get in touch and lets continue the discussion!


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