24 Nov 2010

AHM pose a question

At the AHM symposium in October, Philip Schlesinger questioned whether Creative Scotland will be successful - will it convince the public it works? As yet there there are no clear set of objectives - only a vacuum of silence - although it appears that a business plan will be finalised in December. Philip Schlesinger noted that The Symposium offered the first real focus for debate since the establishment of Creative Scotland in July, 2010.

The discussion session was mainly about how artists could achieve a “voice” with Schlesinger suggesting that effective lobbying should reach out beyond obvious self-interest and that a more sophisticated argument, involving others, needs to be thought through.

AHM would like to pose an initial question: What do you, artists, designers, creative beings, expect and want from Creative Scotland?

Please share your thoughts via the AHM Symposium group on Central Station:


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