16 Oct 2010

photos from the manifesto performance at the AHM Symposium

Jac Mantle

Escutcheon Department of Athletics

Roxana Meechan

Dalziel and Scullion

Alice Bradshaw

Nicola Atkinson

Alistair Quietsch

Sue Biazotti

John Pride

Minty Donald

Shelly Nadashi

Peter McCaughey (On behalf of Michelle Hannah, Jonathan Monk, Emilia Muller-Ginorio)

Oliver Metzger

Shauna McMullan

Sam Ainsley (On behalf of Alex Gross, Anthony Shrag)

Ruth Barker

DMM McEwan (Black Sun Drum Corps)

David Harding (on behalf of Jimmie Durham, Ilana Halperin, and AHM)

Chris Freemantle

Janie Nicoll

Justin Carter

Ellie Harrison

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