6 Aug 2010

David attends the launch of Art & Research at GSS

On Wednesday, David attended the launch of the Summer 2010 edition of the Glasgow based on-line journal Art & Research at Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Ross Birrell, Artist and Editor of the journal, introduced this season’s journal, its contents and contributors, as well as providing an overview of the journal from it’s inception in 2006 and outline themes for forthcoming issues.

This edition features contributions by Maria Thereza Alves and Jimmie Durham whilst on his three month Production Residency at Glasgow Sculpture Studios. This issue is prepared in the context of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art 2010 (GI) and is framed by the philosopher Simon Critchley’s text The Infinite Demand of Art presented at the GI symposium where he reflects, among other things, on the work of French artist Philippe Parreno with whom he has begun to collaborate and also includes an extensive interview with Critchley by Anders Gullestad.

The issue also includes artist pages from Bik Van der Pol who recently exhibited at CCA, Glasgow, an interview with Alain Badiou on the subject of his play Incident on Antioch and his writings on St. Paul in relation to truth, and the event which was recorded on the occasion of the French philosopher’s visit to Glasgow in February 2009.

Art & Research is an artist-led, internationally peer-assessed e-journal focused upon questions, contexts and methodologies of artistic research and practice. Art & Research aims to serve professional artists and academics, curators and critics, artistic researchers, postgraduate and doctoral research students and undergraduates.

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