4 May 2010

Sam visits Tramway

Sam went to Tramway today and loved Dougls's new installation of 24 Hour Psycho.

"I spent ages there and realised that the query about the crows videos was answered in the Stuart Morgan essay (seen as harbingers of evil since mediaeval times) and amazingly I arrived during the scene in the hotel where Sam and Lila search for the money...on the wall are two paintings/prints of crows!!!! He's a smart guy that Douglas..."

"Also hadn't realied what crooked teeth Janet Leigh had, for a Hollywood star, wouldn't be allowed now...."

"I was underwhelmed by the Christoph Buchel show; far too much of monumental self aggrandisement I thought , theatrical and over the top; it must have bust Tramway's budget for years to come;give me Kabakov any day..."

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