1 May 2010

Sam at 'How We Go On Now' symposium at CCA, Glasgow

Sam has been to 'How We Go On Now' symposium at CCA, Glasgow.

To coincide with the exhibition The Long Loch: How Do We Go On From Here? by Kate Davis and Faith Wilding, the CCA hosted a one-day symposium, How We Go On Now.

The symposium drew together a range of international feminist voices to question how we dream and desire to go on in the future in relation to a feminist heritage.

The day included presentations by guest speakers Dr Irina Aristarkhova (US) and Elizabeth Zvonar (CAN), and a selection of short international feminist films and performance work by Ruth Buchanan (NZ).

A round table discussion with Kate Davis, Irina Aristarkhova, Elizabeth Zvonar and Alexandra Kokoli also discussed the possibilities of political love and radical hospitality in a feminist landscape.

Films included:
some aspect of a shared lifestyle, Gregg Bordowitz (22 minutes)
Sleeper, Marina Roy (8 minute animation)
Walk For Walk, Amy Lockhart (5 minutes)
My Necropolis, Moyra Davey (30 minutes)
Kathy High (2 minutes)

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