28 Mar 2010

Survey Exhibition

Glasgow 1979 – 2010

We plan to curate an exhibition based on our intimate knowledge and active involvement throughout this period. This exhibition will explore the re-emergence of the visual arts as a vital force in the 1980s and trace the development of Glasgow as an internationally recognised centre for the visual arts up to the present day. The exhibition will provide an examination of the uniqueness of this situation which is based predominantly upon the activities of practising artists rather than the infrastructure of galleries, dealers, private and public collections that other major cities in the world have relied upon.

The exhibition will bring together the work of a wide range of artists many of whom have gained significant international recognition. The exhibition will seek to explore the various shifts and diversity of practice from the early 80s, through the 90s and into the 21st century and, among other things, provide an opportunity to examine the way our artists are valued abroad in contrast with what appears to be the current limited appreciation of their status here in Scotland.

The rationale
• Our involvement in 25 years of contemporary art in Scotland places us in a unique position to present this survey exhibition
• This would be the first in depth survey of this period that focuses completely on contemporary visual art in Glasgow
• This will be the first survey exhibition of contemporary visual art on this scale to tour internationally from Glasgow

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